Thursday, 13 March 2014

Back to the road

After lots of tinkering with Tri fit on my roadie, I have decided to change it back to the road configuration. As most of the time I am riding in a pack, don't have much time to ride in the aerobars. Makes more sense for me to ride a road configuration.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Back to Squirt Lube

Just read the February edition of Velo magazine and its a part 2 of the chain lube test. In the latest test, its tested that Squirt lube is the only off the shelf bottled lube that you can get which is even faster than the paraffin wax concoction I was using for past few months.

As a sucker for anything that saves watts, I am converting back to Squirt lube for my fast bike. Will still be continuing to use the paraffin wax concoction for the Diablo and Bamboo bike as the paraffin wax is still cleaner and can last longer. Perfect for what the Diablo and Bamboo bike will be used for. As for my race bike, as it will be serviced and washed frequently to maintain tip top condition, I will use the Squirt on it for ultimate speed.

Just for those who are interested. the top 3 lube is Molten, Squirt and the paraffin wax concoction though between them the difference is less than 0.1 watt, but abit is still abit.  I would like to try the Molten but they aren't available for shipping to Singapore so the next best is Squirt which I have finally found a online site selling them to Singapore albeit the higher price of what I previously get and sell. Used to have 20 bottles of it and I feel so regretted selling them so cheap now. Now I am left with 3 and a half bottles and I am gonna treasure them for my main bike usage only.

My honest review between the Squirt and Paraffin Wax Concoction? The squirt is tested faster so its probably faster but for maintenance wise, the paraffin wax stays cleaner for a very much longer time and its easier to wash off when it comes to maintenance but it take a longer time to lube them on so both has their pros and cons. Although to be fair to Squirt, its already considered the cleanest and easiest maintenance off the shelf lube. So for that little extra watts saving, I am willing to spend a little more time on cleaning it.

As for the paraffin wax, I had supplies to last me at least 5 years of constant lubing and now I have limit them to my lesser bikes only, guess it will last for like 10-15years at least.

So for that purpose, I am going to offer the paraffin wax service at a cheaper rate as compare to the past. I used to charge $10 for ultrasonically cleaning and waxing the chain, now I am gonna charge 50% less.

$5 for ultrasonically cleaning and paraffin waxing! Contact(SMS/Whatsapp only) me at 96443942 if you are interested.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Diablo first ride

I will start it off with the bike set up. Its 99% stock bike with only the pedal changed to my speedplay pedals and adding bottle cage, saddle bag and a handphone mount on the stem.

It is a pleasant ride. 32mm tyres + chromoly 4130 frame and fork + 32 spokes front and back, its a tank! Heavy as a tank. At roughly 12.5kg with a filled bottle and accessories, its almost 3kg heavier than my Black Bird. BUT! The ride is sweet as hell. One guy who rode my bike even commented its even more comfortable than his Sworks. But that is for sure, 32mm tyres at 60psi front and 75psi rear is sweet! Also with components like this, its bomb proof.

So how fast did it go?
I will let Strava explains..
I have something to boast about. Fastest in the group during this 1.2km stretch. Quite amazing as it also beats my personal record on my Black Bird.

I also hit a max speed of 59.9km/h on a descent, actually if the elevation map is correct. It was after a downslope and was on a bit of a tiny ascent.

If I calculate using Sheldon Brown Calculator, I would have hit a cadence of between 180-190rpm during that sprint. O_O

I was following and drafting the fast pack until around 17km before I got dropped from the main pack and followed the other fast group till around 26km mark before I got totally dropped at coastal. Luckily manage to catch up to another guy infront and wheel sucked all the way to Changi Village. Would have managed to followed the group if I have a bigger ratio. Probably around 48/17. Its really tough riding with the 42/17 at the group speed of roughly 38km/h. It would have meant I need to maintain a constant of 120rpm for the whole ride. Its totally hamster!

I am quite satisfy with the bike though. Its very responsive with the single speed drive. Although I wished it would  have a 48/17 ratio for better and easier ride on the flats and descend. Maybe I will upgrade it after a few months, for now I will train to be a hamster first.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

BombTrack Arise

I have been wanting to build a new bike for sometime but I have no idea what should I built.

I have always wanted a steel road bike. Just simply love the look with those thin tubings. I also wanted a road bike that could run thicker tyres or even knobbies which leads me to looking out for a cyclocross bike. But there isn't much of a choice within my budget. I also wanted a bike that has minimal maintenance yet able to ride it fast and slow at the same time. I dreamt of cycling without needing to think too much(a speed obsessed freak has its relax time too). I almost gotten what I want few years back, a Surly Pugsley. It matches what I wanted but theres a little too much maintenance for it. 

Then came someone who recommended me the BombTrack Oxbridge. Its a very nice bike. I almost fell for it. Then I decide to check the whole range of bike from BombTrack. Something caught my attention. 

The Arise - it totally fits what I wanted! Pretty lucky for a start for 2014.

I decided to name the bike, as usual as with my Black Bird and my Pui Zai(Pugsley). I decided to name it as DIABLO! Firstly, DIABLO stands for some acronyms I have thought of. Secondly, because its black! Dark as Devil! 

So what does DIABLO stands for? 
DIA for Do-it-all since its a cyclocross frame, it can handle the road with road tyres or offroad with cyclocross tyres.
B for Black as its fully black! 
L for lasting! Its steel, its bomb proof so its gonna be lasting.
O for ONE! One speed to own. nuff said.

Special Thanks to Fixie Haus SG for the great and fast service!

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Good news for bike fit!

Woohoo, after spending close to one day in trying to tweak my position. I have concluded that I won't be needing an adjustable stem. I adjusted some angles here and there and gotten a pretty good position where all the angles matched the "theories".

Below are the results

Got all the angles dialed in and result is a very aero postion as compare to my previous fit here.

Now, its time to do a field test on it!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Adjustable stem?

After some DIY bike fit, I think I would seriously need a adjustable stem to lower my front end. As of now, there are 2 angle that I am unable to reach upon with my set up. The one in green and the one in red.

The red one is still not so bad, targeting between 90 to 105 degree but recommended to be at the lower range(90-97 degree).

The green one is quite off though. Target is 90 degree. Currently, its at 76.7 degree.

To rectify this 2 issue. I will need to get my front end lower and further. Since I am already using -17degree stem and there is no more spacer to remove, the only way is to get a adjustable stem and use it to get my stem angle to around 45 degree instead of 73 degree.

With that, I will be able to achieve the a 90 degree upper arm angle(green) and a proper chest angle(red) of around 93-95 degree.

The rest of the angle are within range with a level saddle to prevent sliding forward.

So the big problem now is, I have got to break off from my full 3T contact point and get a Ritchey adjustable stem. Its the only better adjustable stem out there. Of cause there 3T have their Arxa stem but its just too short. I need a 120mm adjustable stem, 3T only comes with 100mm. Guess that is my only choice.

Stay tune to see if I am able to make it work...

Monday, 23 December 2013

Upgrade of 2013 completed and review. Preview of whats coming up in 2014

All my delivery has arrived and after some days of fixing them up and bike fitting, its finally completed.

This is the initial fixed up before the bike fit.
Will take a new picture of the after bike fit when I find a nice place to do so.

This will marks the end of 2013 Upgrades. Next, its 2014 upgrades coming up.

Also after some thorough research and buying of some reports, I have decided to KIV the disc wheel purchase and continue using the disc cover as the difference is not much of consideration.
Instead I have decided to upgrade my current groupset. Actually its nothing much of an upgrade, just for some easier adjustment. I am using Sram Rival front derailleur and brakes calipers. So I decide to up one level to Force. For the front derailleur its just because its real cheap online so I just get it for matching purposes. As for the brakes calipers, Rival doesn't have easy adjustment to adjust the centering, so I gotten the Force for this purpose. Next, the gore-on cables is still working perfectly fine but I would like to try something else since its 1 year already. I bought the new Shimano polymer cables to run the Sram Groupset as from what I gathered, the new cables is by far the best in the market now. Lets see whether it is as good as those reviews says. Lastly, a new KMC X10SL gold chain for replacement. My current chain is reaching its 0.75 wear soon.

And for now, some review of my recent purchase.

Continental Attack 22mm Front and Back
These are lovely tyres and when mounted on my HED, they look much more aerodynamic. Although they are narrower, but cornering is still as good and grippy(1st ride was in the wet). I don't feel any difference in comfort level as compare to GP4000s. They do roll better and more aerodynamic too. All in all, the Attacks are one level above the GP4000s when mounted to 23mm HED rims. Durability wise? I shall wait and see.

3T aero bars extension + clip on
They are easy to mount and fit. Adjustability is not as much as the USE tula boost bar but they are sufficient. Lesser parts to adjust also meant lesser parts to fiddle with and easier to get them balanced. I gotten the straight bars which is more aerodynamic as compared to other shapes. It fitted well and comfortable. They look long but the length is just nice for my forearms. Weight wise, I haven really compare it as I don't really care about weight. I like this set up due to the lower stack it gives. It gives me a better and more aero tri fit.

3T Ionic 25 Pro seatpost
These seatpost are god sent. I simply love the mechanism of it. It takes a bit of fiddling to understand how it works but once its done, its simply the best seatpost ever. Perhaps on the heavier side due to the mechanism but none of my business. The angle tilt and saddle aft/fore is individual meaning unlike the classic 2 bolt adjustment seatpost clamp where once you loosen the bolt, the angle and aft/fore is messed up, the Ionic can be adjusted without messing up with the other. I used this seatpost as a forward seatpost for my tri fit. On other saddle its not recommended as most of the time the saddle tilt can't be fitted perfectly, however for this seatpost, it has almost 360degree of adjustment. The mechanism also makes it unable to slip, its a ratchet type of mechanism. I just love this seatpost.

Shimano R170
Whatever Shimano says about this shoe technology. It true. Its an upgrade from my R191.

Cycleops Super Magneto Trainer
Easy to install, stable and good setting and power curve to train on. I think its quiet, my neighbour did not knock on my door to complain so I guess its quiet. If you are getting a trainer, get this! Good quality. Nothing to complain.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cycleops Super Magneto Trainer & Shimano R170 arrived

Oh 2 more packages arrived but still no sign of my aerobar clip-on.

Finally mounted my trainer tyres on the training wheels too.

 Green training tyres for Kenda. So bright that I won't forget and missed and bring it out for ride.

The training tyres compound are harder than normal tyres. This is to minimize wearing on the trainer. The harder compound also makes it harder to mount with just hands, it will require a tyre lever.

Its time to start workout!

 Cycleops Super Magneto!

Finally it arrived, its easy to use and it came fixed up already, all ready to use.

All I need is to mount my bike and do some minor adjustment and its ready to roll

4 settings on it - easy, road, intervals and mountain.

It comes with a skewer specifically made for the trainer, tough and heavy!

It also came with a training DVD to watch while training!


Its very stable and adjustable, have tried to ride abit on it yesterday and it is good! Feels better than the lousy trainer I rode before.

 Lastly, the R170. I downsized by 0.5. From 44 to 43.5 as I feel that the 44 still have a little bit of extra toe area. The 43.5 fits tight and nice with my usual socks from Endura.

The shoes has a matt finishing on top and also a matt carbon finishing on the bottom. It is lighter than my R191. I don't have a weighing scale now but it can be felt by hands.

It has the dynalast technology which is suppose to minimize power loss and makes you faster!

Have yet to test it out, will give a review soon!

Now left 2 more packages and all the christmas delivery is done...

Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Perfect Gift Part 2

Maybe part 1 isn't sufficient. So I have come out with the second part of the Perfect Gift.

Topeak Joe Blow Sprint
I have been using this for 9 years and it has never failed me
Think it cost $60. Quite expensive at first but it lasted me that long
Considering the cost per use, its the best among all my stash
For a gift to the new riders in your group, I am sure there are many who doesn't own a proper pump. They either go to their nearest bike shop or petrol kiosk to pump their tyres. Those who go to the bike shop are still lucky as bike shop pumps are sufficient for road tyres. For those who go to petrol kiosk to pump their tyres, they are the ones who most probably will suffer a puncture out on the road due to the insufficient pressure the petrol kiosk pump provides. No problem with mtb, but for road bike tyres of 100psi, no way the petrol kiosk can reach that high.

Some riders even pump their tyres once a week or even once a month. These are a NO! It is best recommended you check your bike before every ride. Tyre pressure are one of them, keep them at optimum pressure and you will feel your bike ride smoothly and safely without any hiccup every ride.

There are many pumps out there but basically there are 2 main types of pump. The high volume low pressure or the low volume high pressure. Lets start with the high volume low pressure first, these pumps are usually suited for mtb tyres due to mtb tyres needs high volume of air but result in lower pressure as mtb tyres are wider for traction. As for low volume high pressure, it is used for road tyres as road tyres are thinner are requires less air volume however they need high pressure to make them roll efficiently. So choose carefully else you will have a hard time pumping.

These 2 types of pump also comes in either floorpump(home use) or handpump(portable). So you can gift them whichever they are lack of.

Presta to Schrader adapter
Extremely cheap but thoughtful gift. It probably cost $2 at most. But it can save u alot of $. The one problem with Presta valve is that it often bent or break while you pump ur tyres. However with this Schrader adapter on, it makes ur presta valve more solid and stable which is almost unable to bent/break.

Its a must have for any cyclist who uses presta valved tubes.

Latex tubes
This is not as cheap as your normal butyl tubes. Infact you can buy 3 butyl tubes with 1 latex tubes.
But these are more puncture resistance than your butyl tubes if installed correctly.
Latex tubes are also lighter. Probably lighter by 50g a pair.
Most importantly, they are faster. Being latex, it can is more elastic than your normal butyl. Being more elastic means it can deform and reform better and faster than your normal tubes. In basic term, it has lower rolling resistance and a more comfortable ride.
This makes a good gift, cheap and efficient.

Now lets see if I can think of anything else for part 3...

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Another batch of delivery arrived

Today reach home and open letter box, saw a new parcel inside and it read bicycle tyres so I reckon it should be my Attack tyres here! Tear it open and saw indeed its my Attack tyres... what else can it be.

So the first thing I do is to take out my HED JET 6 and mount them on! It definitely look way more aero than with the 23mm GP4000s and also a lower rolling resistance(as tested by those rolling test). The lower rolling resistance can be confirmed with the thinner thread as compare to GP4000s. This also meant it will wears off earlier. However, HED told me that their rider is training and racing on the same pair of Attack tyres for 2 years already so most probably it will last me some time too.

Heres the package. 2 x Attack

The tyres came in nicely packed box, one of the box been crushed probably due to the deliveryman stuffing them in my letterbox.

As usual, the pictures of the old lady who made my tyres.

22mm with max psi 120. I will be running them at 90 front and 100 rear though.

Grand Prix Attack~ made in Germany!

Front and back wheel mounted with 22mm Attack Tyres.

Aero, low rolling resistance, light

Lets hope it last.

A matching tyre to rim interface

Aerodynamic at its best.

Oh and I also received a call from Singpost. Seems like I have missed one of the delivery which I checked with Singpost is rather big. I shall collect them tomorrow!

Just 10mins after I type finish the above. The deliveryman came again! So what goodies did he try to delivery?
Its the High 5 Sports Bundle that came free with purchase of my trainer. This worth around $150sgd. Good deal!

Energy overdosed...