Monday, 20 April 2015

More goodies

The upgrading bug never seems to cease. This time round I have gotten myself a new shoe again even though my current one is still in very good condition and my older one is still also in a good condition. Don't ask me why am I upgrading again. I have no idea too. Perhaps it's because the R171 looks better. Indeed when I receive the shoe, it look so even better in person. When I put it on, it wraps around the feet snugly like a pair of well fitted compression socks. Shimano never fails to amaze me with their shoe technology. I have owned 3 generation of their shoe and with each new generation, it just seems better. The R171 is more aerodynamic, no loose flap around and its comfortable without socks too. Now wait till my new wheels arrive before I wear them for rides and give a ride review.

Something new coming up is a Mio Link heart rate monitor. So why did I get it? Because my wiggle order lacks $$ to hit free delivery. So instead of paying $24usd for shipping, I paid $95 for something that might be useful to me. I have never trained with HRM and the last time I owned one is years ago with the Edge 705. One thing for sure is I hated wearing a heart rate strap. The Mio Link doesn't require wearing one, it simply uses optical light on the wrist to monitor heart rate. Using led, it also shows you your zone. With this, I will probably get motivated to kick start my training regime again. Which means lots of zone 2 riding and enduring other rider passing me. Let's hope the mind is strong.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Long term review of HED Jet 6 FR

First of all, I think this might be the longest wheel that I have been using. Why? Because its simply good. I have no excuse to change it until recently Swiss Side came out with something similar but tested more aerodynamic. It gave me a reason to sell and try new wheels. So before I forgotten the feel of the HED, I ought to write a review for this.
HED JET 6 FR with decals removed
Here is the first look review I have written nearly 2 years ago.

As of 2 years later(2015), I still think my initial review still stays the same. There is simply nothing much to nitpick. The wheels are solid built, 2 years of riding and still as smooth and true as day 1. I especially like the alu braking surface which has become a criteria of my choice of wheels. The only troublesome part of a alu braking surface is that to keep it shiny, there is some hard work to do after a wet ride. The wider rims with its wide internal width makes the ride more comfortable and aero when paired with the correct tyre(Attack & Force). Although 23mm seems to be outdated in 2015, however I still think its more than enough. A testament could be seen from Swiss Side Hadron, a 23mm wide rim too but is tested as aero as a 808 FC. So I think 23mm is the perfect width in terms of low crr and aero. The hubs are also very smooth rolling and definitely doesn't require the need of upgrading to ceramic, not to mention its also easily serviceable. The weight is good for its depth and comparable to full carbon clincher of equal depths. This is due to the use of lighter materials for the FR version.
In summary, this is a wheel I would get again if the Swiss Side isn't up to my standard. Now I can only wait patiently for the Swiss Side to reach me probably in 1 month time and then I could give a good comparison between the 2 ultimate wheels.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

X-15 is down!

X-15 (Cervelo P3 New) is currently undergoing hardware upgrade and will be back in service on early May (Estimated).

Upgrading list
1) Swiss Side Hadron 625 (Replace HED JET 6 FR. Testing shown the Swiss Side is almost as fast as the 808 FC despite the lack of depth and its faster than the 404 FC.)
2) GP Attack & Force (Replacing my used GP Attack and GP4000S II. Choosing Force over GP4000SII due to testing shown the Force lower CRR will have more advantage over the GP4000S II aerodynamic properties.)
3) Speedfil R3 rear hydration (To replace the profile design RZ2, as its too hard to remove and insert while riding so its as good as not having a hydration. Has removed and replacing with the Speedfil R3)
4) Wheels Manufacturing PF30 Angular Contact Bottom Bracket (Replacing the stock BB)
5) Hawk Racing Shimano 11 Speed Jockey Wheels (Replacing stock dura-ace jockey wheel)
6) Shimano R171 in a smaller size(43) as compared to my current(43.5) as I intend to ride without socks and I feel I could go smaller half a size. Hopefully it fits.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dream come true

Finally, I have gotten a tri bike, a Cervelo P3(new). No more fiddling with my road bike to get a compromised fit with the clip ons. I have named this new bike as X-15.
I have had the bike for a few weeks already and its very comfortable. Definitely the bike geometry plays a part in handling and riding in an aerodynamic position. Riding on long, flat straight road is so much easier and faster. As for climbing, it feels harder due to the forward position but still not so bad as I thought. Manage to break some of my personal record on some climbs.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

FITSKÜUL and QUICKBED custom insole review

After a few short rides and a long ride, I would like to review on  FITSKÜUL fitting and the custom insole.

First of all, what brings me to FITSKÜUL is that its probably the region best bike fitter. So despite the higher cost, I still choose to go for it.

Why do I say its the best? Not only is FITSKÜUL a retul trained bike fitter. They are also one of the retul trainer in the region. By region, I dont mean just Singapore. I mean South East Asia. This is why I choose them despite the cost and much accessible bike fitter. They are on the next level!


FITSKÜUL uses retul teachings and many high technology bike fit equipment to ensure accuracy to the millimeters. They also provide custom insole for your shoes of any brands.

Panorama view

First, I was given a form to fill up to include my details and types of riding and all sorts of questions. This is to ensure that the fitter will know more about you and fit you accordingly to your preferences. 

Retul certified!

Next, I was asked to stepped onto the molding machine while he placed my feet nicely and allow the mold to form while he heat up the insole so that its soft. After around 20mins, the mold was form under my feet and the insole was hot enough, the insole was placed on the mold and I was asked to step onto the insole so that the insole would form nicely according to the curvature of my foot. Around around another 10mins, the insole was left aside to cool down and form the shape. He then position my cleats according to my sole.

Fitting the insoles

Left to cool down

While the insole is awaiting cooling down, I was placed on the "operating table" where he tested for my flexibility, leg discrepancy and body limitations.

The device that captures everything

After the insole was form, it was placed back into my shoes and my bike was then zinn for exact measurements. I was then wired up for infrared measurements and then pedal on my bike while video was taken and all the angles were shown on the screen. The fitter explain to me the angles and all the measurements. He then proceed to alter my bike and I was asked to cycle on the bike. This cycle continues a few times until the measurements is deemed proper.

So what was done to my bike? 

- saddle height increased by 22mm

- saddle moved back by 2mm

- handlebar drop increased by 23mm

- handlebar reach increased by 1mm

I was also advised to change to a 140/-6 stem as compared to my current 140/-17 stem. Seems like 140 is the correct length as I expected. The change of the stem elevated my backache issue after a long ride. 

Something nice is that I have pretty straight and powerful knee tracking which caused less power wastage.

That pretty much sums up the bike fitting experiment with FITSKÜUL. But how was the actual ride?

Till date, I have only went for a few short ride and a long ride. Think less than 300km. But it was good, no backache. More powerful strokes. Feels fresher after a round island. But still it was some major changes to my bike fit and will take more time to get used to it and awaken those muscles that were sleeping in the past! The custom insoles are great too, my feet feels fuller and more wrapped which equate to more power and comfort.

On the 140/-17 stem

With the new 140/-6 stem, the front was elevated and back straighter. More power due to better breathing. And also more aero due to the fact I can hold at my tucked aero position easier without backache.

Picture taken by Choon Wei(FITSKÜUL)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Shimano R191 road shoe for sale

Selling my old pair of shoe.  $70sgd.
Condition as seen in picture.
Cosmetic : 8/10
Functionality : 10/10
Size 44
Comes with superfeet insole! Stock insole included too.
Deal at punggol only
Whatsapp/sms to 96443942 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Hawk Racing first look

A new bb to replace my Chris King. Chris King is a solid bb but why did I change it?
According to Friction Facts, Chris King doesn't score that well. Its results are average. So according to the results, I bought the Hawk Racing. Its the best steel bearings bb.

How good can a steel bearings bb be compared to ceramic? You will be surprised! Among all the bb tested which includes some high end ceramic bb like F1 Ceramic and Ceramic Speed, the Hawk Racing is tested even lower friction than them. Infact, out of the so many bb tested, the only bb that is better than the hawk racing are Gold Race(Ceramic and almost as good as no seal), Enduro XD15(top range Ceramic and 2.5x the price) and lastly the C-Bear(Ceramic and also double the price). These are the only BB tested better than the Hawk Racing. So how much better are they? They are only better by 0.01 and 0.02watt. These are negligible compared to how the Hawk Racing is better than Ceramicspeed(by 0.13watt) and F1 Ceramic(by 0.27watt). For comparison, hawk racing is better than Sram Ceramic by 0.28watt and dura-ace 9000 by 1.13watt.

So how much better it is compared to my Chris King. The test didn't test out Chris King Steel but they test out the Chris King ceramic and Hawk Racing is 3x better than the CK in terms of lower friction. This is amazing and comparing the price, Chris King is more expensive too. Enough talk, check out the video below. Sorry for the lousy quality video after the compress... but u get the drift..

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Tour de France 2014

The time of the year is here again. Lots of new technology coming out again. Lots of interesting fights too.
As of today, Mark Cavendish is out of the race due to the crash yesterday. Guess with this, its down to Kittel to win all the big sprints and Sagan to grab the green again.
For the yellow, I am rooting for Contador to win. Not a big fan of him, but just that between Froome and Contador, I prefer Contador to win. I like Froome attitude but I dislike Team Sky. It will be a big fight this year though. Contador on form this year. If I could dream, I hope Tony Martin, Fabian Cancellara or Chris Horner would win! But this is impossible. They are just not the yellow contender this year. And also Quintana didn't join this year else I will root for him.
So lets see who will win!